Financial widgets and gadgets for sites and blogs

01/06/2012 17:41


Financial widgets and gadgets for sites and blogs  

Macroaxis financial widgets and gadgets are portable, reusable, and highly encapsulated Web components that can be installed within any separate HTML-based document by an end user without requiring additional resources. This may include financial portals, business school or investment related sites, or personal blogs. Our reusable financial widgets and gadgets are used to distribute on-demand financial information including stocks, funds, ETFs and world market quotes, changes, and fundamentals. 

Our financial widgets and gadgets are derived from the idea that most financial content can be integrated within a third party website by the placement of a small snippet of code that contains the necessary financial data. Our clients and partners use Macroaxis widgets, gadgets, and apps to enhance their Web presence and user experience using syndicated content and functionality provided my Macroaxis. This includes social networks, blogs, wikis, personal homepages, and corporate sites. 

Please contact us to request customized gadgets for your site or blog or use our existing components free of charge. To integrate any component from this page to your site, simply copy and paste the code from the gadget of your choice.

What are Financial Widgets?

The term 'Widget' was originally used as an abbreviation for 'window gadget' and was first applied to user interface elements during Project Athena in 1988, a joint project of MIT, Digital Equipment Corporation, and IBM. The first web widgets were mostly link counters and advertising banners. Now days, however, the concept of web widget typically refers to a portable chunk of agnostic code that can be executed in a browser. In other words, a widget is anything that can be embedded to a web page that is not static. Other terms used to describe widgets include: gadget, plug-in, module, webjit, snippet, and flake.